The Big (and Little) Tree People

At Pierpoint Tree Farm, we grow trees on-site--raising them from saplings to mature trees that will provide immediate enjoyment. We also offer smaller and ball-and-burlap trees that are reading for planting and can mature alongside your family.

Our Philosophy

By the time we plant a tree in your land, it has already matured for several years in ours. We believe that mature trees have a better chance of surviving the planting process that can be shocking to a younger tree. And mature trees offer a larger canopy which can be enjoyed immediately... not decades later.

The Right Tree

For a tree to grow successfully, the right tree must be selected for the intended site. Growing conditions, space availability, and cultural requirements are all taken into consideration for every tree we plant.

The following is a list of the trees we raise at the farm. If you are interested in a tree that is not listed here, just ask us.

Small Deciduous Trees - usually under 20 feet at maturity

Amur Maple
Eastern Redbud
Oklahoma Redbud
Chinese Fringetree
Flowering Crabapple
Royal Raindrop

Medium Deciduous Trees - usually 20 to 40 feet at maturity

Trident Maple
Shantung Maple
Flowering Crabapple
Chinese Pistache
Callery Pear
Chinkapin Oak
Globe Willow
Weeping Willow

Large & Very Large Deciduous Trees - usually 40 feet + at maturity

Freedom Maple: Autumn Blaze & Sienna Glen
Red Maple: October Glory
River Birch
London Planetree: Exclamation
Sawtooth Oak
Swamp White Oak
Red Oak
Shumard Oak
Willow Oak
Lacebark Elm: Allee
Pin Oak

Evergreen Trees

Upright Chinese Juniper: Taylor, Canacata, Spartan
Eastern Red Cedar

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